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Annette Romano

Sojourn Audio Narration

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Sojourn Audio Narration offers a variety of accents and voice styles, suited to a wide range of genres.

Meet the Voice

A Seattle native, I grew up two blocks from the neighborhood library. I devoured the entire children’s section before fourth grade.

One of my greatest joys as a parent was reading aloud to my child. I honed my character development skills with years of bedtime storytelling, and before audiobooks were mainstream, I had a lot of requests from regular adult people that I read to them!

So, here I am.


Annette is one of the most hardworking, skilled, and kindest people we have worked with. She is dedicated to her craft as a voiceover performer, and her studio quality work speaks for itself. We handed Annette a very difficult project…a unique genre of audio book that is designed to teach children about homeopathy. This book had dozens of characters—many of whom were international—and many unique Latin words that are part of homeopathic medicine. She was adept and capable in all aspects of this project. One area that was fairly tricky was the accents. Annette is capable of producing very authentic accents, however she adapted the strength of the foreign accent so that our demographic—many of whom are young school-aged children under the age of 8—could more easily understand the pronunciation. Annette has been a gift to our project and we feel we couldn’t have worked with anyone more qualified. Thank you Annette!

Paola Brown and Trisha Hall

Evie and the Secret of Small Things

Dear Annette,

Excellent work. And your singing of the spirituals knocked me out. Also, in Chapter 21 where Honor chases Billy down the river . . . you captured the dream-like and immediate presence perfectly. Truly moving. I couldn’t be more pleased. I sense the maturity and gravitas in each of the character’s words.

Thank you.

Dennis Must

Hush Now, Don’t Explain

My Dear, Dear Annette:

Today, I finished listening to Gabriela and The Widow.

Your voice once again captivated me. You are indeed inside both characters. There were times when I had to laugh at my own humor as it developed in the women. You give just enough ideolectal inflection to Gabriela to distinguish her voice from La Viuda.

Thank you, Annette, for a job well done and a performance that is in itself a work of art.

Jack Remick

Gabriela and the Widow

What a Narrator! Annette Romano is fantastic! Crazy over Mrs. Marlow’s Andi books, I leaped at the opportunity to get one of her audiobooks, and boy, I haven’t once regretted it! Annette Romano has a way with drawing someone (like me) in and keeping her hooked! She can do amazing things with her voice and have you exploding in gales of laughter one moment and then keeping you in breathless suspense the next. I’ll say it again: Annette Romano is fantastic! 


Listener Review, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home

Annette Romano voiced our audiobook Discordia: The Fortis Stone  for our Chaldea series.  We had quite a few auditions, but Annette’s stood out above the rest.  Annette was wonderful to work with, the perfect combination of pleasant and professional.  We can’t wait for our next book to be finished so we can invite her back!

Peter Adkison

Executive Producer, World of Chaldea

Love This Narration  an incredible job narrating this twisty, suspenseful romance that had me wanting to constantly listen to how the story unfolded. I don’t recall if I read this story previously, but I won’t forget this narration for a while. With such a strong female lead, and a healing FBI agent, the sparks just flew!


Listener Review, Damaged

I wanted to let you know how much I love your recording of Thorn. I was blown away! I am 3/4 of the way through it right now and you did such a beautiful job bringing it to life that I forgot I wrote it. Thank you. 😊

Anna Burke


Annette Romano’s narration is a delight! Even though I’d read the print book, I was soon caught up again in the life of Andi Carter and her rambunctious romp through the Old West. Ms. Romano’s rendition gave a new depth and interest to this tale. Well worth five stars – or more! 


Listener Review, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home

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