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a temporary stay; a place to dwell in for a time

Books are worlds

As a child, luckily, I had just a two-block walk to the neighborhood library – it became my second home. As a mother, I read to my daughter nightly, the two of us sojourning to so many different worlds over time, together. I have felt a room change reading aloud in a group, soldered connection with a partner sharing a poem or a play.

Books invite us in

There is something magical about the language of literature— it carries us directly into its world, each story, uniquely.

The spoken word is an added dimension of reading- there is a slowing, another kind of digestion. Listening provides the opportunity to experience our humanity on a different, and perhaps even deeper, level.

I am late to the narration field, but grateful to have come. The joy I’ve shared with my author/collaborators is wonderful. Each of their writings and my performance of it has a discrete beginning and ending. That sojourn- our impermanent stay – is what we share. And it becomes available, individually, to each listener who decides to journey along.

I began Sojourn (as so many narrators do) in a tiny coat closet, with my script printed out and clothes-pinned to a hanger! My current studio is – still a closet! – quite the improvement: beautiful, cozy, comfy, just roomy enough to breathe and create in.